Game Terms

RPG: Roleplaying Games
FPS: First-Person Shooter
MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game
WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get
GUI: Graphical User Interface
HUD: Head-Up Display
GDD: Game Design Document
NPC: Non Playable Character
MUD: Multi user dungeon
PVP: Player vs Player
TDM: Team Death Match
CTF: Capture the flag
DRM: Digital Rights Management
IT: Information Technology
CPU: Central Processing Unit
SDK: Software Development Kit
RTS: Real Time Strategy
TGEA: Torque Game Engine Advanced
PC: Personal Computer
KISS: Keep it simple stupid
WOW: World Of Warcraft
DAW: Digital Audio Workstation
HDR: High Dynamic Range
CVS: Concurrent Versions System
SVN: Subversion
VSS: Visual SouceSafe
IP: Internet Protocol, Intellectual Property
DDA: Dynamic difficulty adjustment
GM: Game Master, Guild Master (MMORPG terms)
AI: Artificial Intelligence
CMS: Construction and Management Simulators
TRC: Technical Requirements Checklist (Sony)
TCR: Technical Certifications Requirements (Microsoft)
PSP: Playstation Portable
BSP: Binary Space Partitioning
TGEA: Torque Game Engine Advanced


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    Thanks for sharing!

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