The path…

Dear readers and fellow classmates from Train2game,

As person I always try to know everything their is to know about the subject I am studying.
Besides game design I also enjoy creating art.
The things I find important in my life: if you have a skill to help your team, you should develop it.
All little things helps to grow in the gaming industry and the more you know the more you can steer your team towards the right path.
I truly believe in that aspect. Besides writing down about a game concept that I have in mind, I spend time educating myself in fine arts and digital painting.
Also I spend my time studying human anatomy it’s fascinating and you get a better understanding of drawing characters.

I am happy to take evening class in fine arts and helps me creating better images and will also undergo a one year course doing digital painting.
Why do I do all this work I want to have my own company one day and I don’t like to wait for a team assembled while I can do things for myself.
Getting things done is what inspires me to become better!

The artwork that you see on this blog is from my evening classes and I hope it inspires you all to become better in art. I tried to do different styles to see if I can do them.
From traditional art to digital art. I also work with different mediums to have a better understanding how different materials work. It’s important for me that I can work with different materials because you never know where you end up working.

For the past few years I have learned a lot,not only in the Train2game Jam world attempt where Molecule Man was born but also in other aspects of life.
I truly met wonderful people who believe in me, they were all so supportive and I wish them all the best!
I am so happy that our team made it and that I trusted my instinct to complete the game and that all the hard preparation before I went to Luton paid off.
The struggle that I had to go to to get to this point has not been easy for me.

I fell deep and got up many times but the one thing I never stopped for is fighting for what I believe in.
When I get my dream job I’ll truly be happy and be the person that I always wanted to be.

For the people who feel the same as I am, I wish you all the luck in the world and never stop believing in yourself because you truly deserve it!


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