Dimitri’s Corner

Welcome to my blog!

As a kid I was always fascinated by 3D Animations. As I grew older I wanted to learn more about it.
I started to draw, bought books to learn how to draw but this wasn’t enough.
I wanted to have a forward approach to my goals because I want to make a living out of this.
I prefer a job which is fun and creative.

After high school I enrolled myself to the course of Digital arts and entertainment for games.
I learned a lot, met interesting people who share the same passion.
I have worked with different type of software: 3D studio max, Photoshop, Z-brush, After effects, Première, Fusion, Visual Studio, Unity and PF-Track.
In DAE you learn concept art, 3D modeling, skinning, rigging, texturing, lighting and rendering.
We also learned to program in C++ and C#. During those years when creating games we mostly worked in group which I enjoyed a lot!
My self confidence grew and so did my social skills. Later on we learned storyboarding, visual effects, character modeling and we went to the USA.
We visited San Francisco which is an amazing city! There we went to Pixar and EA studios. Those are moments I would never forget.
After that I did my internship in Eye-Tronics which specializes in 3D scanning. I learned a lot and in 2010 I graduated.

My first job was for ROB TV creating TV commercials and editing sound and video production.
After that I worked for Pascual games which had a division for online casino games.
When I was working there I made two games: Honkong Dice, Samurai Madness
The website is: https://www.36win.be/


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