Stijn’s corner

I would like to welcome you to my blog!

I have always wondered what I would be one day!
When I had finished elementary school I decided to study  ICT in high school.
I liked it but there was something missing!
When that was finished I wondered which direction to go.
The journey for finding myself and my believes began…

I got my high school degree and when attending to College, I wanted to do something which had more artistic flair.
By doing some research I ended up applying for Digital Arts and Entertainment for Games.
I always had a passion for games and this is the time to do something about it!

I learned a lot by attending this school. I had to draw which I have never done before and I liked it.
We basically learned creating from scratch putting idea on paper and working it out. I also learned 3D animation and modeling, rigging and skinning.
I had a great time for learning all those different skills. We also learned to program by using Game Engines.
Programming is something which I have been already familiar but I never used it before  to make a game. By learning this I expanded my knowledge.
The thirst for more knowledge affected me. This a great opportunity for making a career out of this.
Doing what you love and be the first ahead to use technology.

For now I am working in Optidrive as a Programmer. It’s an Robotics Engineering company, even dough it has nothing to do with Game Design.
I do enjoy it and who knows what might happen in the future. I will be willing to be better and go for my dreams!


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